Grandmaster Victor Kan Wah Chit


YMD - 1954

Honourable President

Ching Y Wong


1958 (private)

Honourable Member

Paul Lam Yau Wing

Leung Shan’s disciple – 1958

Honourable Life Member

Wong Long


YMD - 1957

Honourable Member

Po Kin Wah


Leung Shueng’s disciple 1963

Having observed the quality of WC VT in the world nowadays, it is noticeable that 99% has been modified from the original, traditional Ving Tsun and this includes Yip Man’s own offspring. Of course, every YMD has their own interpretation of the TVT.   But the worst thing is, many of their students and students of their students, each new generation keeps on modifying it, changing it or even adding new movements of their own creation into it. They just want to be different, so they can lie to people that what they are teaching is the real thing. Its completely out of control. Some of these modified versions are so bad that what they offer does not look like Ving Tsun at all. Like everyone else, they have to commercialise it to make a living. Realising the danger that the original version of Yip Man VT might disappear in years to come therefore we decided to found this “TVTA” for the preservation of Yip Man traditional Ving Tsun.

It is our duty for future generations so that they will not be misled because they have the right to know the differences between the traditional Ving Tsun and the modified versions.

The Aim

- Any sensible YIP MAN VT, WC or WT practitioners who have got the SAME IDEA are welcome to join -

Once recognized, you will be officially added to the YMVT family tree.



Victor Kan Wah Chit

Full time teaching and promotion of TVT since 1975, London.

Chief Legal Adviser

Ching Y Wong

Barrister QC HK teaching TVT privately as a hobby and for health.


Gordon Yip


Phillip Lee


Brian Martin


YMD = Yip Man Disciple